3C is an India Based Ventures firm

We invest and associate with visionary entrepreneurs in all sectors, stage and implement ideas from entrepreneurs to bring to reality so as to become a profitable venture in all sectors, providing technology and investments. The associating enterprises need not to have a strategic value for 3C Business Ventures.

Geographic Focus
We are headquartered in Jaipur,India. Our focus is on companies in Asia,Europe, US and Middle East

Exceptional companies are exceptions; we're willing to break our rules for the right company.

We like investing in startups either creating new industry categories or disrupting a large, existing markets with a 10x better product or service that wasn't possible before .

We focus exclusively on startups with the potential to scale

Our bar is high. We believe venture capital is best suited for startups that have the potential of generating asymmetric returns. We only invest when we think a startup has the potential to scale to a large outcome

We are an actively helpful minority investor

We each have deep operating experience in the industry. But we believe great companies are built by great entrepreneurs, not venture capitalists. We like to help behind the scenes. Our entrepreneurs count on us for introductions.

We believe matters

This is especially true for India startups. Europe doesn't have the financing depth, executive, product and technical management talent, and ecosystem of partners (and eventually, acquirers) for startups to scale into large, valuable companies. Yet. Until it does, we work closely with them.

  • Mr. Opesh Singh
    • Mr. Opesh Singh

      Mr Opesh Singh made the inception of Opesh Group possible in 2005. At a very young age of 21 years, he started his venture in the Drilling and Mining sectors, in India. Soon, he approached global markets, made his mark quite successfully in African Markets, at the age of 27, and is continuously adding feathers in his cap since last 13 years. Opesh Singh has emerged as the youngest businessman, author, and consultant who has established himself as a multinational business owner and the notable thing about this fact is that he has done this afresh in a short time span of 13 years.
  • Mr. Gopesh Sharma
    • Mr. Gopesh Sharma

      Mr. Gopesh Sharma is a technocrat, from the very early age after education Mr. Sharma. has taken responsibility individually in industries, Mr. Sharma has a business acumen and always full of new business ideas and strategies. He has natural quality to mitigate crisis to happy solutions, Mr. Sharma has interest in automobile industries, real estate and real estate finances not only in India but also outside India.
  • Mr. Ashok Tyagi
    • Mr. Ashok Tayagi

      Mr. Ashok Kumar Tyagi is a technocrat with an experience of more than 35 year in Industries. He was earlier working with C.K. Birla group and after leaving C.K. Birla group he started his own pharmaceutical company in 2003.

      Mr. Tyagi is a member of Institute of Engineers and also an expert in United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Vienna, he is also associated with N.G.O. For educating underprivileged children.
  • Mr. Narendra Rathee
    • Mr. Narendra Rathee

      Mr. Narendra Rathee is a technocrat having about 20 years of experience at different level in many industries. He has an expertise in marketing, operations and new business strategy. Mr. Rathee has been very actively involved in new development in the industries he has worked for.

      Mr. Rathee has very good negotiating and crisis management skills. He is at present located in Gandhidham & heads sales and operations of Aerotrains logistics and Engineering solutions private limited.

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